Warroir Covery DT1 LT Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick


The Warrior DT1 LT Composite Stick will allow you to get more pop behind your shots every time.  With the Warrior Dagger Taper Flex, the DT1 will remain stiff at the hand area while allowing the stick to flex lower in the shaft, at the blade and in the upper handle.  This will load and release the shaft and blade together as one, producing a strong flex and adding the desired pop you want from your stick. 

While the Dagger Taper allows the hosel and blade area to increase flex during shots, it also keeps the stick more stable than the standard- or common-tapered shafts.  The Dagger Taper gives off the optical illusion that the stick is extremely thin when looking from above, making the puck carrier see the puck on the blade with much more ease.

The True 1 molding process allows the Warrior engineers to manufacture the stick in one single piece.  This improves the stick's weight balance since the process of fusing the blade and shaft can be eliminated from the stick's development.

The Warrior Covert DT1 LT also comes with an additional three-inch stick length, eliminating the need for heavy extensions or an end plug.