Warrior Swagger STR Senior Goalie Stick


The Warrior Swagger STR features never before seen foam core stick technology that has exceeded the results of even Warrior's most durable sticks by over 100%.  This made in Canada stick has the thick paddle and blade shape that Swagger Pro users have come to love, and a protection/balance/performance story that should all but guarantee that you put this stick in your arsenal.

For starters, the handle is made of Aircraft Grade Veneer laminate wood on the shot side, with an Aspen core.   The ACV handle is the choice of numerous pro goalies over the last several years as it's combination of durability and flexibility make it extremely popular.  It comes standard with a "rich mahogany" stained wood color for a unique and distinctive look.

The urethane foam construction features nylon fibers woven throughout which act to keep the foam from cracking or splitting.  For added strength, carbon impact reinforcement zones have been woven throughout the lower paddle and blade to further reinforce the design.  If this weren't enough, a blade "BumperSole" reinforcement - which is made of the same materials found in high impact bus bumpers - runs the length of the blade from the heel to the toe for unmatched durability.  Finally, a hard laminate wrap covers the paddle and blade.