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The Warrior Covert PX2 Helmet was developed to merge traditional feel with high performance fit and protection for your brains. In keeping with the newly designed Covert helmet look, the PX2 is very similar to the PX+ in appearance, with only slight internal changes. 

The newly designed shell offers a truly “pro” look. A two-piece shell construction makes tool-free adjustability a breeze, ensuring you have the right fit for your game at all times. Strategically placed vents maximize airflow through the helmet, and help keep your head cool while you play. 

Underneath the shell, vinyl nitrate (VN) foam padding is an optimal layer of defense from impact. It provides a comfort feel, and is a more forgiving layer of protection, returning to its original shape after compression. Since the PX2 does not have the hard EPP liner like the PX+, the VN foam is layered in the back, as well as in other areas likely to see the most force from impact. These areas, then, have more padding to distribute force and keep you in the game.

Warrior officially has its hat in the ring for pro-style helmets with the PX. The sleek new look and elite protection make it a great choice for any level of play.