Sense Arena


Sense Arena is the ONLY hockey training platform in the world that measures and trains a hockey player's Read and React skills via an ultra-realistic, simulated environment. I am excited to share some information about the latest advancement in hockey training.

Hockey cognition and in-game intelligence are crucial components that make-up a hockey player's skill set. Unfortunately, it has been challenging to properly evaluate and train these essential cognitive skills. In addition to this, preventing and detecting concussions and enabling non-contact training for safe return to play has become an increasingly important part of the game. 

This is where Sense Arena comes in

Once players have the basic skills of skating, stick handling, shooting, and passing, it is time to focus on their READ & REACT skills. By focusing on improving these two complex skills, player's hockey sense and confidence on the ice will improve.



Our methodology and drills were developed in cooperation with professional NHL players, coaches, professors and doctors in neurology and sports science.    Sense Arena is the best way to: 
  1. Evaluate Players & Prospects - Sense Arena provides you with a comparable cognitive READ & REACT benchmark for all current players and prospects as an additional data feed into your analytic evaluations.
  2. Develop Players Cognitive Capabilities - Players will complete our Baseline Hockey Diagnostic Test and our platform will give them their diagnostic score. Their score will evaluate the player's strengths and weaknesses and will recommend specific drills to improve specific cognitive functions.
  3. Provide Players a Safe Return to Play/Rehab: Sense Arena provides players a way to keep their heads in the game while recovering from an injury with a pre or post cognitive benchmarking "score".
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