Rink Rat World Cup Roller Skate Wheel


The Rink Rat World Cup Hockey Wheels are an ideal choice for a player who has a very heavy and powerful stride. These all-purpose wheels have an 82A outer urethane which is designed to work best with wood, smooth/painted concrete, and abrasive sport tiles.

The dual pour construction composes of Rink Rat's Mtech inner core, and a pro level urethane on the outside. Mtech is a flexible, 62a urethane that flexes well for better grip and rebounds back when you come out of your turns for better agility and speed. The outer layer is built with a 82a urethane that maintains high speeds and durability.

Pour: Dual

Internal Component: Mtech

Urethane: Pro Level

Grip: 8/10

Speed: 8/10

Wear: 8/10

Hub: iHub5 with Interlock

Surface: Ideal for all wood, roll-on, painted and smooth concrete surfaces. Can also be used on indoor tile surfaces if player meets weight recommendations.

Do not use on asphalt or extremely abrasive surfaces