Rink Rat Identity Split Roller Hockey Wheels


The Rink Rat Identity Split Hockey Wheels are an elite performer among roller hockey wheels, excelling in speed, grip and durability.

The dual durometer utilizes a pro level urethane on the outside for excellent speed and durability. The inner core is constructed of Rink Rat's Mtech™ technology, that flexes well when turning for better grip and bounces back when coming out of your turns. With these two fused together, you get a deadly combination of agility and speed that will fly you past the opponent.

Pour: Dual

Internal Component: Split Mtech

Urethane: Pro Level

Grip: 9/10

Speed: 9/10

Wear: 9/10

Hub: iHub5 with Interlock

Surface: Indoor Tile Only

Not ideal for wood or painted surfaces

Do not use on concrete or abrasive surfaces

Recommended Hardness Selection:

76A (XXX) = 175 lbs and below

78A (XX)= 175 lbs and above

Hardness selection should be based on player weight and skating ability. A player can choose a wheel designated for a heavier skater if they have advanced skating skills to compress the wheel enough to grip. This will allow the player to maximize their speed.