JSH Custom "Green Biscuit"


Stick handle just about anywhere with a custom John Schiavo Green Biscuit!

Designed for this year's roller season in Team USA colors for the upcoming World Inline Hockey Championships! Add a few Red, White & Blues to your off-ice puck collection while they last!

A few words from GreenBiscuit.com:

HOCKEY'S BEST OFF-ICE PUCK.HERE'S WHY IT WORKS:The big question that led to the design of the Green Biscuit™ was this: how to reduce friction and vibration while moving over surfaces like concrete and asphalt.And the solution is what you see in the Green Biscuit™: two pieces of plastic that are held apart by three metal bolts and rubber spacers between the pieces.This nifty little system works as a shock absorber to prevent the Green Biscuit™ from flipping over. The end result is what we believe is the off-ice hockey puck that best matches the feel of a puck on the ice.