Fast Hands Hockey Stickhandling Training Aids

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The Fast Hands is the first fixed-shape stickhandling tool on the market, its angles and dimensions are set at the ideal measurements for height, length and weight to develop fine stickhandling skills. With 25 drills in the training video your puck control will get better in no time!

  • Comes with instructional video with printable drills.
  • Made of steel & built to Last in the USA.
  • Powder Coated 1” x 0.83” Steel Tubing.
  • Numbered for Pattern Drills.
  • Helps Improve all aspects of Stick Handling.
  • Perfect for on or off-ice use.
  • Can be used with any type of puck or stickhandling ball.
  • Dimensions: 30"x 22"