Easton Stealth S19 Senior Stick Blade

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The S19 hockey stick features a Kevlar® wrapped Compression Molded shaft to offer power and a great feel.  This particular construction uses thinner layers of material to allow for more layers.  This results in an unbelievably responsive feel and maintains the snappy lively feel throughout the lifespan of the stick. The Kevlar® wrap increases durability and helps lengthen the lifespan of the stick.

Easton's S19 hockey stick features the same TORX™ technology seen on the S17 hockey stick.  TORX™ is the distinguishing elliptical shaft shape in the lower portion of the hockey stick.  This increases the torsional strength and rigidity to the blade, resulting lightning quick and accurate releases. As seen in the inset image, the red arrows represent the twisting motion of the blade opening up during a shot, while the blue arrows represent the torsional resistance provided by the elliptical shape which help keep the blade closed. 

Easton has re-engineered the blade on the S19 hockey stick.  The S19 features a multi-core design.  The upper core is constructed out of honeycomb type material for excellent dampening.  The lower portion of the blade features a solid core.  This improves the feel and helps keep the blade in contact with the puck longer, for better puck control and shot accuracy.