CCM Super Tacks Hockey Elbow Pads - Senior

  • D3O smart material for enhanced impact and shock absorption
  • Articulated dual layer bicep for optimized mobility
  • Reinforced attachment system for excellent comfort

Elite players need high-level equipment, including elbow pads, that will keep them protected but won’t restrict their movement. The 2019 CCM Tacks line of protective equipment does just that, especially in the top of the line models, with the help of many top technologies and innovations. One such feature is D3O smart material. This technology offers a lightweight feel that provides terrific protection against impacts of all kinds on the ice. D3O has a unique molecular structure that allows the molecules to flow freely in standard conditions, giving the material a soft and flexible feel. But on impact, the molecules lock together to absorb and dissipate impact energy. After the impact, the molecules return to their free-flowing state. This means that the stronger the impact, the more the molecules react, offering you unparalleled protection regardless of the hits you take during a game.

In the AS1 elbow pad, D3O is combined with CCM’s JDP cap and molded foam coverage which helps to disperse the force of impact away from the elbow. And in the forearm, D3O is used with compress molded exposed HD foam. These technologies combine to offer elite overall protection down the arm. 

CCM implements their articulated dual layer technology with extended coverage for bicep protection. This molded exposed foam and bicep construction optimize mobility in the upper arm while providing extended protection, a great complement to the bicep technologies found in the 2019 Super Tacks AS1 shoulder pad.

For the attachment system, the AS1 includes a middle reinforced lock strap, an elastic bicep strap, and a length adjustable forearm strap. This 360-degree surround strap system is designed to secure the elbow pad in place while maintaining an excellent level of comfort and mobility. With three high-quality straps, this pad will move as you do and stay locked in.

While there are other pieces of protective equipment that get more attention, elbow pads are very important and vital to injury prevention. CCM offers excellent protection and mobility in the Super Tacks AS1 pad, built for the elite player who is looking for a comfortable and high-performing option.