CCM Ribcor 64K Ice Hockey Skates Senior

Using cutting-edge biomechanics research and feedback from an impressive list of pro players, CCM has completely revamped the Ribcor line. With new construction properties and an enhanced design, the CCM Ribcor 64K ice skate is a truly innovative offering for players that are looking to get the most out of each stride.

The CCM Ribcor 64K ice skate features an injected quarter construction that works in tandem with a composite skin. This construction provides structural support while still maintaining the flexibility that the Ribcor line is famous for.

Inside the skate, CCM uses a new contoured heel lock design. This design replaces the need for the Pump from previous Ribcor models. Now, the ultra-comfortable and secure fit is built right in. The Ribcor 64K ice skate has a heavy-duty microfiber liner that provides a comfortable fit with a high wear resistance.

Further enhancing comfort and protection, the Ribcor 64K ice skate employs a 7mm felt tongue with embossed lace bite protection. This tongue uses reinforced felt layers to maximize protection, stabilize the foot, and provide unmatched comfort.