Bauer Vapor X900 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

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Make your last stride as quick as your first and leave your opponent in the dust with the new Bauer Vapor X900 Senior Ice Hockey Skate. New for 2017, the Bauer Vapor X900 skate builds upon the concepts that made the 2015 Vapor line one of the top models of skates on the market, with new improvements for unmatched speed and quickness.

The Bauer Vapor X900 Senior Ice Hockey Skate offers an elite level skate built for the player looking to achieve their top speed quickly. The Bauer Vapor X900 skate is constructed using the ultra-lightweight Curv composite material, which reduces the overall weight of the skate while keeping the durability, strength, and support that players are used to with the top end skates. The X-rib pattern will continue the heel and ankle lock design to keep the skaters foot in place for quicker crossovers and tighter turns.

The Vapor X900 boot will keep its tapered fit, with a narrow heel and standard toe, but with a redesigned quarter panel. Next, the ankle of the skate will be moving from the older fit to a new asymmetrical fit. These design changes on the X900 will better align the skate with the player's natural ankle position. Adding more to the inside ankle of the X900 skate not only makes the skate fit better and more comfortably, but give more for the skater more push off on. The Vapor X900 will also have a more traditional eyelet lacing system.

When your foot is locked in place, you can achieve top speed with ease. The X900 will do this with its Lock-Fit + liner and footbed, also with the Flex-Lock tongue. The Flex-Lock tongue will be a traditional thick felt tongue with updated lace bite protection. The Lock-Fit + liner will keep your foot dry and locked in place. The Lock-Fit + footbed will have grip material to keep your foot from sliding while in motion. All the upgrades to the X900 were made to make the skaters stride more efficient to achieve that top level speed.

A fully composite outsole will be featured in the Vapor X900 to help maximize the transfer of energy from the boot through the holder and runner. Moving from the outsole will be Bauer's Lightspeed Edge holder. This revolutionary holder uses a trigger system to make swapping out damaged or broken steel quick and easy. The holder will also sit three milometers higher than older model Tuuk holders. By raising and narrowing the holder, skaters can get lower into turns without bottoming out. The LS3 runners will come standard on the X900; the added height gives the blade a longer sharpening life, as well as a tighter turning radius.

If you are an elite-level hockey player focusing on speed and agility, then look no further than the Bauer Vapor X900 Senior Ice Hockey skate.