Bauer Vapor X900 Hockey Shin Guards - Senior

Your shin pads save your legs from shots, slashes, you name it and the Bauer Vapor X900 hockey shin guards provide a lot of protection. Normally, you don't know they're even there, but that doesn't mean we should take them for granted. From the top down, the Vapor X900 shin guards feature a injected knee cap, and a thermoformed shin cap that is extremely durable. AEROLITE foam bears the burden of impact absorption in the knee and shin caps, and does so with remarkable efficiency. The calf wrap also features AEROLITE Technology that also makes its way up into the thigh protector. AEROLITE is used to ensure the components are plenty protective without adding excess weight Finally, the liner in the Vapor X900 is powered by 37.5 fabric that will use all the heat trapped between your leg and the guard to help evaporate some of the moisture trapped in there as well.