Bauer Supreme S190 Ice Hockey Skate Senior

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Bauer Supreme S190 Hockey Skate

Bauer's skate technology continues to be among the most innovative and influential in the industry, and the Supreme S190 is an excellent example of the prowess they've displayed over the last few decades.



You'll likely recognize the Curv Composite boot, the question is - have you experienced the unreal stiffness/weight it offers yet? Because it just got better as its return comes in a slightly modified form. TheCurv Composite is now aluminized during the production process, an infusion of aluminum results in an even lighter frame than before without compromising durability, performance, or responsiveness. Additionally, the Supreme S190 features a flexible tendon guard, which allows players to maximize their stride and range of motion without the resistance of a traditional guard.


Holder and Runners

The return of Tuuks Lightspeed Edge Holder will be welcomed by many, and an improvement for those who aren’t accustomed to the added 3mm of height they offer in addition to Bauer's proprietary quick and easy trigger release system. Slotted into the Tuuks is Bauer's LS3 Steel, which will be a welcome improvement at the rink and the pro shop. LS3 is a taller version of the standard LS2 runner that offers a higher angle of attack, and more steel to sharpen. Naturally, this translates to a longer life for your steel, making it perfect for players who want their steel sharpened before every big game.



Bauer's Hydra Max 2 liner serves as the moisture management system in the Supreme S190s and is further supplemented by the integrated wear pads that Bauer has strategically positioned to ensure you're skates aren't in shambles at the end of the season. The guts under the liner are composed with lightweight heat-modable memory foam pads, that combine with the FORM-FIT+ 52/40 oz felt tongue to provide a supple and secure interior. Finally, the footbed is Bauer's FORM-FIT+ Model, which features stabilizing grip, moisture management, and an HD heel cup to ensure your feet are secure and comfortable from heel to toe.