Bauer Supreme 1S Shoulder Pad - Senior


Hockey players have a lot of weird sayings they abide by. One of them is look good, feel good, play good. Bauer has demonstrated they understand this saying very well with the newly designed Bauer Supreme 1S shoulder pads. Developed specifically for an anatomical fit, the S17 Supreme line from Bauer is engineered from the inside out, using specially placed material to provide the player with a comfortable, natural fit. With a closer fit profile, the Supreme allows maximum power out of every movement.

The Supreme 1S offers pro-level protection by reinforcing the shoulder cap, sternum pad and bicep guard with Curv Composite. Underneath, a combination of FleXorb, XRD and G-FORM padding helps absorb and distribute the force of impact. The spinal coverage uses HD foam with PE inserts to offer rigid protection in one of your most vulnerable areas.

Bauer also realized how important the custom fit for these pads are. They addressed this problem by developing an adjustable/removable belly pad offers and extension of protection as well as the ability to tailor the pad to different body styles. Inside the Supreme 1S, is Bauers 37.5 Technology liner uses Sanitized Odor Resistance Treatment to prevent bacterial and fungal growth. This combination keeps the sweat off your body during the game, and the stink away from your pads long after the game is through. Overall, these shoulder pads will provide you with the pro level protection that you are looking for at an affordable price.