Pro Stock Hockey Sticks

In recent years the hockey gear world has become inundated with Professional Hockey Sticks or as they are commonly referred to as Pro Stock Hockey Sticks.  A  pro stock hockey stick is simply a stick that was manufactured for a specific team and/or player.  This could be with either a professional or college team.  Oftentimes the team and/or player do not use all of the sticks that were manufactured for that team and/or player.  The over stock of sticks are then sold to retailers who in return sell them to the public. 

Pro Stock and Retail Hockey Sticks have several differences, and similarities.  This article will cover the differences and similarities between these two.

Differences In Pro Stock and Retail Sticks

Warranty Differences 

The first major difference between the Pro Stock and Retail Hockey Sticks are that retail hockey sticks come with a warranty.  Typically stick manufacturers will warranty a stick for 30 days from the purchase date. Some manufacturers have a 90 day warranty with their sticks.

Pro stock sticks do not come with a warranty.  The reason for not having a warranty on pro stock sticks stems from the pro stock sticks being manufactured for professional use.  Most pro stock sticks will not have a warranty sticker on the sticks.  

Stick Specification Differences 

Pro Stock Hockey Sticks are specifically made for each player.  Players have the options to customize the stick height, flex, curve, grip type, blade height and more.  Some pro stocks may have custom specifications that may not be available on retail sticks. One example of this can be a stick not having grip on it when the retail version of it only comes with grip on it. Many pro stock sticks have custom curves that are not available on retail sticks.  

Retail sticks come with set stick options for flex, curve, grip type and height. Because of the set specifications for retail sticks each flex and curve will be more constant with the next retail one, compared to pro stock sticks.


Because of the professional use with pro stock hockey sticks the manufacturer makes the sticks more durable than retail sticks.  Typically the shafts of the pro stock sticks are reinforced. The down side of this is the added weight to the hockey stick.  Each pro stock hockey stick will have a different weight, where retail sticks will have the same weight with each one.  


Pro Stock Sticks generally cost less than those of the retail equivalent.  The main reason is because the stick does not have a warranty with the manufacturer. Pro stocks sticks can be a great value for a player who breaks sticks often, or for the player who breaks sticks once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.