Hockey Stick Kick Points

Hockey Sticks have 3 main kick points.  A kick point is the part of the stick that flexes or bends when pressure is applied.  The three main kick points that hockey sticks have are:

  • Low Kick Point- Located at the bottom ⅓ of the hockey stick
  • Middle Kick Point- Located in the middle of the stick
  • High Kick Point- Located at the top ⅓ of the stick

A hockey player should use a stick who’s kick point reflects the style of game that they play.

  • Low Kick Points are closer to the ice than other kick points, and this allows for a faster release with a player's shot or pass.  Low kick points are ideal for players who utilize quick shots and fast passes.
  • Middle Kick Points are in the middle of the hockey stick.  Because a player's lower hand generally shoots from the middle of the stick, having a mid kick point stick will lead to an effortless release.
  • High Kick Points are in the upper part of the stick and are geared towards players who take powerful shots.  High kick points allow for the maximum energy transfer through the stick, and this results in the most powerful shots, and passes.