Hockey Helmet Sizing Guide and Charts

Hockey Helmet Sizing Guide and Charts

Hockey helmets are the most essential piece of equipment.  You can replace a knee but you can not replace a brain! Hockey Helmets protect your head from many impacts.  Those range from pucks, sticks, board contact, and more.  For a Hockey helmet to provide proper protection it must fit properly.  This guide will go over proper sizing and charts:

Hockey Helmet Size Chart

Below is a general Hockey Helmet sizing chart.  No fit is guaranteed to be a perfect fit.  It is helpful to start.

Helmet Size

Age Range

Hat Size

Circumference (in.)


4 - 6

6 1/8 - 6 3/4

19.3" - 21.4"


7 - 11

6 1/2 - 7

20.6" - 22.2"


12 - 16

6 7/8 - 7 3/8

21.9" - 23.3"



7 3/8- 7 3/4

22.7" - 24.5"



7 5/8 - 8 1/8

24" - 26"

Steps to Fit a Hockey Helmet

Measure Your Head

To find the correct helmet size you need to know the circumference of the player’s head.  To find this out you can wrap a tape measure around your head.  Keep the tape measure an inch or two above the player’s eyebrows.  

Pick A Helmet That Your Head Fits In

After determining the size of your head pick a helmet that your circumference fits in.  Once this is done open the helmet to the largest size of the helmet.  

Place The Helmet On and Adjust The Helmet Until It Is Tight

The helmet should fit snug on the player’s head.  The helmet should not be easily moved around or so tight that the player is in pain.

Attached Facemask

Fasten the facemask to the helmet if it is not done already.  Next tight up the side straps of the facemask so that the chin cup is snug to the chin.  The chin cup should not be so tight that it hurts the player.

Test The Helmet

Once the helmet is properly fitted and fastened on the player you should test the helmet.  The player should shake their head left to right and up and down.  The helmet should not move around on the player.  If the helmet properly fits it should remain snug on the player’s head.