Heat Molding Skates

After purchasing new hockey skates (either ice or roller skates) it is recommend that you get your skates heat molded or "Baked" as it is commonly called. Baking a skate helps mold the inner liner and materials inside the boot to your foot.  All skates can be molded, however it is recommended that mid-high level skates are heat model. Lower end skates are not always recommended to be baked because the baking process may cause the boot to be broken down faster.  This will decrease the support of the boot. Lower end skates do not have the same quality materials as high end skates.

The baking process is designed the help the player break in new skates faster.  It allows for the inner liner to mold to the players exact foot shape.  By doing so it decreases the space within the boot to the foot and helps maximize each stride the player takes.

In order to bake the skates you need to place the skates in a skate oven.  Each skate has a different amount of time that it needs to bake from.  Most bake times can be found on the box and typically range from 5-10 minutes. After baking the skates in the oven the player should put the skates on their feet, and tie them.  The player will remain seated until the skates cool down.  Then the player can walk around and let the skate loosen up a bit.  After this is complete the skates are recommended not to be used for 24 hours.

If the player has any discomfort in the skate it is recommended to re bake the skate and/or have the problem area punch out with a skate press.