CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Skates - Sr

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When you pick up a pair of CCM’s Super Tacks AS1 ice hockey skates, you’re holding some of the most innovative and technologically advanced skates on the planet. The true one-piece design and additional pro-level features make the AS1 a near-peerless performer, worth every penny of its price, which is still less than other top-end skates on the market.

  • SpeedBlade 4.0 holder for geometric stability
  • SpeedBlade Black runners for edge durability and corrosion resistance
  • MonoFrame 360 one-piece construction with SpeedCore III technology for lightweight, anatomical energy transfers
  • TriTech Flex tongue for enhanced flexibility and excellent protection
  • DuraZone abrasion pads for shin guard abrasion protection
  • Smooth Contour collars for high-ankle protection
  • Total-Dri Pro liner for durability and dry comfort
  • OrthoMove Custom Support footbed for vented, personalizable comfort

CCM uses the SpeedBlade Black runner in its Super Tacks AS1, with a black oxide coating to extend edge life and reduce corrosion. The SpeedBlade 4.0 holder with SpeedRib technology holds the blade. The 4.0 holder’s unique geometrical design harnesses the power of triangles for enhanced stiffness and maximum stride-energy transfer. The skate bottom features a vent that helps release moisture from the boot for dry comfort during the game.

Boot construction is CCM’s MonoFrame 360, a premium, full-carbon composite one-piece with SpeedCore III inner core technology. The 360° fit and outsole-less design provide maximum foot-to-skate surface contact with an anatomical shape. Unlike a two-piece, the AS1 wraps beneath the boot for a more direct feel on and for the ice. Energy transfer improves because energy is no longer being absorbed by a glued and nailed outsole, but instead is now transferred more directly through the boot and to the ice for ultimate performance.

CCM’s recent focus on durability includes updated vamping, brass eyelets, and double stitching throughout the boot. The quarter package height has been raised for a more natural feel in the foot. The tendon guard has been upgraded with a fully injected piece for full stride extensions. The one-piece design, though, provides excellent durability.

The AS1 tongue is made softer with the TriTech Flex model that comes in 7mm white felt with thick, injected foams for pro-level quality. This year’s tongue is more flexible for enhanced forward flex and more powerful extensions. The embossed lace-bite guard helps protect against nagging lace bite and top-of-foot impacts.

DuraZone abrasion pads help extend the liner’s life for players who wear their shin guards beneath the skate’s tongue. The Total-Dri Pro liner helps the skater’s foot resist abrasions while also wicking away unvented moisture. The liner has a tacky feel, helping to lock in the feet even in high-moisture conditions. The ankle boasts thick, medium-density foams for excellent comfort, and the boot includes updated Smooth Contour collar pads to help alleviate high-ankle abrasions common in stiff boots.

CCM has upgraded the insole in the AS1 with its OrthoMove Custom Support. Each pair of skates comes with medium and high inserts for near-custom arch support possibilities. Venting in the Custom Support also helps release moisture into the boot bottom, where it is ultimately exhausted through the vent. The footbed comes with PowerGold (Power Platform) technology that enhances energy transfer with a plastic bridge.

The Tacks AS1 is 20 grams lighter than last year’s model because CCM has removed non-essential branding and other visual aesthetics for an overall sleeker, trimmer look. The Super Tacks AS1, like all Tacks skates, has a medium-volume fit for players with standard forefoot, instep, and heel-depth dimensions.
The CCM Super Tacks AS1 represents the vanguard of skate-making technology. Its lightweight, one-piece thermoformable design and its many protection and comfort features make this class-leading pro-level skate one of the best values on the market.