Rink Rat Hornet Roller Skate Wheel


The all-new Hornet wheel is designed with Mtech technology that provides extreme grip, faster speed, and an ice-like feel that is ideal for indoor tile surfaces. The hardness of the wheel is a 78a and built with the premium iHub5 that gives optimum balance of weight, strength, and adhesive properties for a lighter weight as well as a higher rating on impact and crush testing.

Pour: Dual

Internal Component: Mtech

Urethane: Pro Level

Grip: 8.5/10

Speed: 8.5/10

Wear: 8.5/10

Hub: iHub5 with Interlock

Surface: Indoor Tile

OK for painted, wood or other indoor type surfaces

Do not use on concrete or abrasive surfaces

Recommended Hardness Selection:

76A (XXX) = 175 lbs and below

78A (XX)= 175 lbs and above

Hardness selection should be based on player weight and skating ability. A player can choose a wheel designated for a heavier skater if they have advanced skating skills to compress the wheel enough to grip. This will allow the player to maximize their speed.