Bauer Vapor X500 S17 Hockey Skates - Jr


The Bauer Vapor X500 ice hockey skate comes close to the elusive sweet spot of high performance and affordability, attractive to intermediate performance-level skaters looking to enjoy a little bling without emptying their wallets. But the significant upgrades in the X500 aren’t just bells and whistles. Instead, improvements over the X400 add value to this mid-line Bauer offering by increasing the skate’s wearability and durability.

  • Injected TPR outsole with indentation for better energy transfer
  • TrueForm Tech PU quarter with X-rib design for superior support, stiffness, and longevity
  • AnaForm ankle pads for form-fitting support and comfort
  • Hydrophobic microfiber liner for dry comfort
  • Tuuk Edge holder for trigger-quick blade replacement

The outsole in the X500 is an injected TPR with an indentation down the center for increased stiffness and a more efficient transfer of energy. The outsole is connected to the TrueForm Tech PU quarter package. The TrueForm offers a substantial increase in stiffness over the X400 model, and it is fully thermoformable—the internal foams and the outer shell will mold to the foot when baked, for a customized fit and feel, and maximum comfort.

The quarter package also features Vapor’s signature X-rib design on the rear of the boot, adding more support and stability for a more comfortable and powerful stride. Finally, the X500 comes with Vapor’s one-piece heel and ankle core that works in conjunction with the X-rib for a longer lasting, higher performing boot.

The tongue in this year’s X500 is a 40-ounce, two-piece white felt tongue with high-density injected center foams, providing excellent protection on the top of the foot against stray pucks and slashes. It’s especially useful in low-volume skates like the Vapors because the inserts offer additional protection against lace bite. The X500 skate interior features AnaForm ankle pads that are soft to the touch and form-fitting when baked. The liner is a hydrophobic microfiber that does a great job wicking moisture and sweat from the foot for dry comfort. The footbed in the X500 is a standard EVA foam bed that provides some nice cushion in the interior.

One of the best upgrades to the X500 is the Tuuk Edge holder. The Tuuk holder has been the most popular blade holder in the NHL in recent years, thanks to its innovative trigger system, allowing skaters to change damaged or worn steel in seconds for more time on the ice and less time on the bench. The holder is also taller, so skaters can get further over their Tuuk stainless steel runner edges.

The Bauer Vapor X500 offers performance-level intermediate skaters plenty of performance features. The popular Tuuk Edge holder and thermoformable materials will attract skaters looking for the best skate with high-performance features at an affordable price.