CCM Resistance Hockey Helmet

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This is an older model and the certification is expired. After years of scientific research with Oblique Technology and the University of Ottawa, CCM introduces the revolutionary Resistance Helmet. Using data collected by the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory the R.E.D. (Rotational Energy Dampening) system with a series of impact pods that focus on the linear aspect of impacts, the CCM Resistance Helmet has the liner that was truly engineered through cutting-edge science.


CCM Resistance Hockey Helmet

RED System:
• A series of bladders between the liner and shell. Developed with Oblique Technology and the University of Ottawa to reduce rotational acceleration of the head during an impact

Impact Pods:
• Revolutionary liner construction developed with Oblique and the University of Ottawa to best manage a variety of impacts

• Single tool free adjustment easily adjustment at the back of the helmet for a customized fit and high level comfort