Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Hockey Shoulder Pads - Senior


The Bauer Vapor 1X Lite Shoulder Pad is the lightest elite-level shoulder pad available on the market. Bauer was able to reduce the weight by 16.5% (compared to the 1X) without sacrificing NHL-approved protection. The AeroLite 2.0 foam found in the shoulder caps was entirely developed in-house and is the driving factor in the 1X Lite's weight reduction. 

Key impact areas such as the chest, spine and biceps feature Curv composite, which has only been used in Bauer's elite skates until recently. While these pieces do help to remove weight, they also add excellent protection for low-mass, high-energy impacts. HyperLite and HyperLite HD foams make up the rest of the protection in the 1X Lite. HyperLite is another featherlight material that lends a helping hand in moisture management; its unique design repels moisture away rather than absorbing it, thus keeping the pad lightweight all game long. 

The base of the 1X Lite Shoulder Pad is a perforated foam that promotes constant airflow during use. This foam and the microfiber 37.5 liner have all been treated with a new Sanitized process. Sanitized Technology keeps gear smelling fresh by preventing odor-causing bacteria from forming, and since it's directly embedded into the materials, it will never wash out either.

  • Model Number: 1052976
  • Heritage: Vapor 1X
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite