Byonic Skate Blades Bauer Edge Replacement

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​Patented XLITE(R) profile design up to 40% lighter than leading OEM and aftermarket blades. Explode in and out of pivots and accelerate through crossovers with added quickness and control.


​Certified high strength stainless steel, for maximum edge life, extreme power and greater agility.


​An industry first non-mechanical satin surface finish for optimum glide, reducing friction, increasing speed and energy.

When you purchase a pair of Byonic blades you will receive a Byonic blade pouch!!


All color on the colored blades blades does not serve any purpose and is there for cosmetic reasons only. The color will chip off when used and sharpened incorrectly. Once the blades are sharpened and used there will be no refund offered. A refund will only apply with blades that are not sharpened or used.